Exercising With Oxygen Therapy

Exercising with oxygen therapy, or EWOT, has the potential to increase your strength up to 20% and help increase your weight loss by another additional 20%!  You can burn more calories and get more out of your workout with EWOT.  It can even increase your basic cellular life making you feel YEARS younger!

When you EWOT, you are increasing the oxygen in your blood and tissue.  The increased oxygen has numerous benefits to include:

  • Lowering risks of heart failure
  • Helping with high blood pressure
  • Promoting total wellness
  • Assists with anti-aging
  • Reduces stress
  • Helps reduce cardiomegaly
  • Helps fight emphysema

Why and how does EWOT Work?  EWOT supplies the body with more oxygen during the workout, which gives you more energy to push yourself during the workout.  This allows you to even workout harder and longer allowing you to burn even more calories!