Candida Program

     Dr. Knotts weight loss solution includes addressing  "The Yeast Syndrome" that can reduce excessive body fat and restore colon yeast/bacteria balance for optimal digestive health.  The yeast sydrome is a yeast over-growth in the diegestive system.

     Yeast over-growth makes it extremely difficult to lose weight.  Yeast exists inside everyone of us, but certain factors can cause and over-growth of yeast.  When this condition happens, the body gets high levels of insulin, low metabolism, low energy, fatigue and interferes with normal hunger signals.

     The microflora has trillions of bacteria living in our digestive system that the body needs for a healthy colon to synthesize vitamins, break down toxins, and produce antibiotics.  Candida is a yeast-like fungus that is inside our digestive system in small amounts.  If these yeast organisms grow to an unhealthy balance between the yeast and bacteria, you end up with intestinal candidiasis, or better known as the yeast syndrome.  When a high level of Candida is reached, the by-products ethanol and aldehyde, that are found in gasoline, are released in to the bloodstream that cause the symptoms below:

  • Brain fog
  • Sweet cravings
  • Decreased libido
  • Chronic fatique and/or malaise
  • Bloating, gas, intestinal cramps, rectal itching, alternating diarrhea and constipation
  • Vaginal yeast infections, frequent bladder infections
  • Menstral irregularities, decreased libido
  • Depression, irritability, trouble concentrating
  • Alergies, chemical sensitivities, lowered resistance to infections

Repeated use of antibiotics and/or steroids, chronic stress, diet high in simple sugars, alcohol, oral contraceptives, diabetes, hypothyroidism, and a weakened immune system are factors that can increase the risk of yeast overgrowth.

Take the Fungus Related Disease Questionnair and see if you are in danger of a fungal related disease.

                          The Fungus Related Disease Questionnaire